Dentists - Why do I struggle to trust their advice? post

I sometimes consider myself an advertisers worst target. Unless they catch me in just the right mood, at just the right time with something that I already kind of like or want, then their efforts are actually more likely to put me off buying their products.

So when I went to the dentist the other day, and I'm sat in the waiting room, surrounded by posters for this toothpaste, mouthwash and teeth whitening offerings, it got me thinking… I go to the dentist to make sure I have health teeth. I trust the knowledge and skill of my dentist to perform this 6 monthly oral MOT and keep things running as they should… but when it comes to the end of my appointment, I always receive a recommendation for a new toothbrush, tooth paste or mouthwash. Now I accept I'm not the best at cleaning my teeth, so some extra help is needed, but when they then proceed to produce a pre-printed pad showing all the oral toothbrush options, and another for Listerene mouthwashes, to tick and hand to me, it's difficult to believe that they're giving me the best advice tor me, rather than the financial benefit of their business.

I wondered whether the Colgate branded "Leading Practice award" in reception was a recognition of excellence in dentistry? Or, as as my thoughts questioned, for selling a load of Colgate products?

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate, as a business owner myself, that businesses have to make a profit, but it's difficult in a world were advertising is everywhere, who do you trust? Am I just a lone sceptic in an otherwise accepting world?

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